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04 April 2017

Rough Schedule

May 5, Friday: CSSConf EU (Tickets sold separately).

May 5, Friday: CSSConf EU closing / JSConf EU Opening Party, Arena Club, from 20:00.

May 6, Saturday: JSConf EU Day 1, Arena Berlin, Breakfast from 8:30, Grand opening at 09:30, Dinner at around 19:30, Evening program from 21:00.

May 7, Sunday: JSConf EU Day 2, Arena Berlin, Breakfast from 9:00, Closing remarks and family photo from 19:00, After party (location TBD) from 19:30.

May 8, Monday: Relax.js Brunch (location TBD) from 10:00.

For more events in the days surrounding JSConf, check out WhatTheFest Berlin.

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Speaking at JSConf EU

Thank you for your submissions! Our call for speakers ended on January 10. Now we are busy reading through your proposals...