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“This was probably one of the best weekends of my life, meeting great people, listening to talented developers share their experiences with us and getting inspired by a lot of them.”

See also: Why you should attend JSConf EU.


Arena Berlin. See dedicated page for details.


JSConf EU, the labour-of-love conference for the JS community in Europe. Let the moving images speak for themselves:

2015 Summary

2014 Summary

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2012 Summary

2011 Summary


JSConf EU is brought to you by these people:

Holger Blank +Holger Blank | @hblank

Karolina Szczur Karolina Szczur | @fox

Malte Ubl +Malte Ubl | @cramforce

Jan Lehnardt Jan Lehnardt | @janl

Curators Emeritus

Tiffany Conroy Tiffany Conroy | @theophani