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Press Information

JSConf EU, the conference for the European JavaScript community, turns 7: Since starting back in 2009 we celebrated 6 awesome conferences in Berlin, Germany, and are getting ready for the 7th edition in 2017. JSconf EU is an international, local and collaborative conference. Several partner events gather around JSConf EU: First there was Reject.JS, two years ago CSSconf EU joined the party, and since 2014 we headline an entire week full of events called jsfest.berlin

JSconf EU is strictly non-profit: Every year we spend every penny we earn just for the conference. The event organizers do not get paid for their work on the conference.

We reach 100% of the relevant people in the community: 22.000+ YouTube subscribers watched 10 Mio minutes of our free recordings of all talks, and 9.000+ people follow us on Twitter. Every year we see international attendees from all over the world, travelling to Berlin from Germany, the US, the UK, Sweden, Australia, Russia, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Andorra, Estonia, Kenya, Japan, China…


Jan Lehnardt, Berlin @janl
Holger Blank, Hamburg @hblank
Malte Ubl, San Francisco @cramforce
Tiffany Conroy, Berlin @theophani


E-Mail: contact@jsconf.eu
Twitter: @jsconfeu