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Zahra Jabini:
Sequential Art, Comics & SVGs

Creative expression on the web shouldn’t be limited to people who know how to code. In this talk, we’ll explore how to repurpose the sophisticated tools that designers already know to build interactive, dynamic art on the web.

I’ll demonstrate this principle through a JavaScript library that allows designers to create full-bleed animated comics, graphic novelas, story boards, sequential art and so on, using a tool they already know: Adobe Illustrator. By combining SVGs with powerful three-dimensional motion effects, we’ll learn how to tap into unexplored capabilities in the browser and break out of the 1D world and into the 3D universe.

We’ll use simple techniques to build animations that are high-resolution, performant, and best of all, easily accessible to designers by allowing them to use their own tools to “code” in their own language and thus deliver cinematic-quality stories on the web without ongoing engineering assistance.